Round 2 of the Symposium (Policy Writing Marathon):

For the second round of the International Socioeconomics Laboratory’s annual symposium, high school and undergraduate students will submit policies based on original studies. Participants will draft policy memos to be reviewed by the institute’s board. Students are not required to win or participate in the first round to take part in the policy writing marathon.

A policy writing marathon is a competitive event, in which a "policy memo" is the expected deliverable. A policy memo will be created and submitted by each team and reviewed by experienced members of the board. All policy is collaborative and fluid, in order to develop the best and most professional policy possible. The goal of policy development is to create work that is lobbyible, tangible, effective and impactful.

Participants receive the opportunity to network with fellow students interested in policy, hear from professionals in the field of public policy, law, and government, and will receive feedback on their final submissions. The policy writing marathon has no entry fee.

Policython Rules:

Policy Structure:

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