Round 1 of the Symposium (Research Presentation):

For the first round of the International Socioeconomics Laboratory’s annual symposium, students can enter as pairs or individuals. Students will have the chance to present their research in a slide show presentation format, introducing the initiative for the research, the background research found on the topic, the experiment performed, the data collected, and the trends found. Each individual or pair will receive 15 minutes to present their research.

No group can consist of more than 2 members. The research paper and presentation will be submitted to the institute’s board for review. The entry fee for the symposium is $25 per person. If a pair is entered, the total fee for the group is $50. There are no refunds if an individual or pair decides to no longer remain in the symposium. Once the individual or pair is entered, they will receive a time slot for their presentation and research paper submission. The rules regarding the slideshow and presentation are provided below.

The Requirements For The Slide Show:

The Requirements For The Presentation:

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