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The Worlds First Socioeconomic Symposium.

August 14th 2021

Symposium Held in Virtual Setting

Huddle presentation

The competition will consist of two parts.

The International Socioeconomics Laboratory’s annual symposium will consist of two parts. All work developed and reviewed during the competition will be eligible for various grants and scholarships, as prizes.

The first part of the competition will include a presentation on high-leveled empirical studies that have extensive data analysis. This presentation will be displayed by the member(s) entered in the symposium, authors to their respective research papers.

Read more about the first part here!

The second part of the symposium will feature a policy writing competition, in which students will draft policy memos based on their lobbyable research. The policy memos will be well written legislatures that aim to address the issue highlighted in the participant(s) research.

Read more about the second part here!

Participants may choose to enter the first, second, or both parts of the competition. Participants who do not win in the first part of the competition may still enter the policy writing competition portion of the event. Round 1 of the symposium has an entrance fee of $25 per member. If entered as a pair, each participant must pay for a ticket. Round 2 of the symposium has no entrance fee and is completely free.

All symposium rules are outlined in the Symposium Rules of Conduct. Every participant is required to adhere to the established guidelines.

Tickets start at $15.

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Rules and Ethics of the Symposium can be found here